Together with Tim “Porch Parties”

I grew up in New Orleans neighborhoods. I know and understand the value of social networks and engagement. It is on the front porch where I learned how to play childhood games like jacks and had my first kiss. The front porch has served as my safe zone or base, the perfect place for conversations big and small. And those chats — whether intimate exchanges or idle gossip; talking truth or telling tall tales — with old friends, neighbors, lovers, soon-to-be-ex-lovers, what have you, are almost always improved by what was shared.

My front porch isn’t much to talk about, but it fits the house perfectly. Like the house, the porch's worth isn’t in the structure, but in how it serves my family and our neighborhood. Our porch doesn’t just welcome people to the house; it welcomes them to our home. It welcomes them to our lives. The porch is the portal to conversations for all things family and community. The ongoing situation with Covid-19 pandemic has temporarily halted the way New Orleanians engage, but I am listening, and I want to hear about how we can lead our city not into a time of radical change, but of evolution; tackling critical and complex city challenges, leveraging the city's distinct culture coupled with innovation and collaboration to provide opportunities for the prosperity of all citizens and future generations.



Starting Friday, June 4th Timolynn is inviting you to take part in a series of Community Porch Party’s,

Friday's at 5PM.