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And a Doctor of Philosophy degree with a concentration in macro organizational capacity in Social Work. She is the Chief Executive Officer of her own consulting firm, Mc3 Consulting Inc. (Mc3), which celebrated 10 years in 2019. Mc3 aims to advance organizational effectiveness using assessment, planning, training, and evaluation, by working with individual nonprofits, community agencies, for-profit organizations, and funders in support of the improvement of struggling communities.

Dr. Tisa M. McGhee has devoted her life’s work towards improving the quality of life of Miami-Dade residents. Dr. McGhee has served as Associate Professor at Barry University’s Ellen Whiteside McDonnell School of Social Work since the fall of 2010. She teaches trauma-informed social work practice, social systems, research, leadership, and public policy courses in the Masters in Social Work (MSW) program. She leads the innovative “Promoting Wellness in Marginalized Communities” initiative within the school’s Center for Human Rights and Social Justice. At the core of all of her work, Dr. McGhee builds community systems capability using engaging and empowering techniques. Her advanced degrees include both a Bachelor and a Masters of Arts in the field of Clinical Psychology, a Masters in Social Work.


Wife of Mr. Peter Thomson and the mother of two wonderful daughters – Taylor and Paige McGhee. Her grandson, Madison, is one of the main reasons she decided to run for office. She is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, and the Links Incorporated.

Important Issues

Dr. McGhee is ready to bring a fresh perspective and leadership style to tackle the pressing issues affecting Miami-Dade County resident’s quality of life like:

Affordable & Workforce Housing

Working families in Miami-Dade County are facing one of the hardest decisions they have ever had to make – whether to stay in the communities they love or move away because they can no longer afford to remain in their homes.  We must take proactive and decisive steps to reverse this alarming trend. I will lead the way in expanding our county’s affordable and workforce housing.  We need increased funding for the County’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund, so more affordable housing projects become available to our residents who are in need. I would also support recommendations from the Miami-Dade Affordable Housing Blueprint like developing more public private partnerships; allowing for the use of more public land; creating more mixed-use and mixed-income developments; and investing in community engagement and systemic interventions for community control and benefit policies.

Jobs and Economic Empowerment

One of the factors contributing to our affordability crisis is the lack of new, higher-paying jobs for our residents.  The costs of housing and transportation are growing while our residents are struggling living paycheck to paycheck.  We can and must do better by increasing the minimum wage countywide so that our workforce may support their families with dignity and respect without having to worry whether they may keep a roof over their heads or put food on the table.  I am ready to work with local, state, and national economic development agencies to attract more private and public sector investment in our communities, providing higher quality and better-paying jobs, as well as expand the County’s “Mom & Pop” Small Business Grant Program so that small businesses can grow and prosper.  I will also support additional funding to support the Small Business Development Department to certify efforts are being implemented and enforced properly.  I believe this is the best way to ensure that that ordinances addressing local hire, living wages and responsible wages are achieved.  In addition, it is important to initiate some oversight and evaluate the effectiveness of the department to support ongoing efforts. 

Adequate Public Transportation

In our ever-growing community, the need for a standard, reliable, and efficient public transportation system has always been a pressing issue, but not as much as it is today.  The residents of Miami-Dade were promised mass transit in our communities over 17 years ago, and in that amount of time, little, if anything, has been done to keep Miami-Dade “moving” as it should.  We must listen to our transit community’s recommendations and charge a blue-ribbon panel to investigate all the public money that has been spent after the half-cent sales tax went into effect.  We need to review the SMART Plan and specific recommendations to the County Commission on how to allocate future funds on the most traffic-congested corridors of the county, as well as demand what was promised to the voters so many years ago be implemented as soon as possible – the expansion of Metrorail.

Safe Neighborhoods

We all have the right to live, work, and play in a safe and secure environment.  The residents of Miami-Dade are tired of the senseless culture of crime and violence.  We must do more to keep our community safe. I will sponsor common-sense legislation supporting more County-sponsored programs that work throughout Miami-Dade with the collaboration of local municipalities and their law-enforcement agencies as well as forge new and lasting cooperative relationships between residents and members of the law-enforcement community.  I would explore interagency cooperation and shared initiatives, including Group Violence Initiative (GVI), the County’s Anti-Violence Initiative to reduce group violence through prevention, intervention, suppression and re-entry components; pursue strategies to protect the community from illegal firearms. Using my social service background, I would increase strategies aimed at proactive and early interventions through increased social system involvement and improved case management

Climate Change/Sea Level Rise

Living in South Florida, particularly in Miami-Dade County, is equivalent to living in paradise year-round.  The warm climate, the beautiful beaches, our parks, and recreational areas are idyllic for raising a family and living life to the fullest.  Sadly, our pristine way of life is being threatened by the effects of man-made climate change and sea-level rise, requiring us to take bold steps to reverse its course before it is too late.  We must demand that all County buildings and structures are retrofitted to be safe, and future construction only utilizes renewable energy resources which significantly reduces our countywide carbon footprint.  We must also invest more in our parks and open spaces by planting more trees and plants.  They not only beautify our communities, but they help purify the air we breathe. Federal funding, public private partnerships and innovative funding ideas are necessary to make this work.  More community involvement is necessary in the discussions around climate change and issues like climate gentrification.  We all need to be involved in making Miami-Dade County a better place to live.


Together We Will Build a Better Future


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