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Timolynn 'Tim' Sams

is a native New Orleanian who has dedicated her career to improving the quality of life of children and families by working across New Orleans' social and cultural boundaries.

   As the Executive Director of Neighborhoods Partnership Network, she has been able to lead efforts focused on creating equitable communities in which all children can thrive. Her passion and dedication to New Orleans' neighborhoods and her people has motivated her through her years of leadership at NPN and others. Her work with these organizations has led her to understand that equity can be achieved when neighbors are informed and engaged.  Through her years of leadership, Timolynn has helped elevate voices from diverse neighborhoods by training residents to become civically engaged to fight for the equitable distribution of resources.

   As a mother of two to son, Evan and daughter, Jaxon, Timolynn knows the importance of providing access to quality education and is committed to making certain our district schools are informed by the needs and input of the parents and students in our neighborhoods.

   Timolynn is an educator, organizer, and Executive Director with 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Her work centers on community empowerment to improve health outcomes for families living in poverty.

   Most recently, she has been a driving force behind the Healthy NOLA initiative that engages residents to understand their own neighborhoods as part of a city-wide Health Equity Agenda. The project highlights aggregated data and resources by neighborhood while supporting sustainability through ongoing engagement strategies.  

   She has also nurtured new non-profits that serve New Orleans families, including Propeller, Son of a Saint, Brother’s Empowered to Teach, PlayBuild NOLA, Citizen She, and Justice and Accountable Center and fostered meaningful conversations about public policy issues. The impact of her leadership and advocacy roles includes the Orleans Parish Prison expansion, which resulted in demystifying the Sheriff’s budgeting process and reducing proposed infrastructure that called for an increase of prison beds in the new jail and implemented by the City Council.

Timolyn with son, Evan and daughter, Jaxon.

   Timolynn is a social innovator and entrepreneur with a purpose to give voice and power to the people. In 2015, she launched Pumps Pearls and Politics, a local talk radio show providing a cultural understanding of the past and present space in effort to mobilize and shape future policies while encouraging and supporting women in pioneering new leadership roles. Through the deployment of community engagement efforts, she helped expand representation at the table for work on the city’s 30-year master planning process by bringing diverse citizens groups and business leaders together. 

    Timolynn is a creative thinker, strategic doer and passionate builder. She designed and built the city office of Neighborhood Engagement and was founder of the Neighborhood Summit in which I supported the earliest dynamics of the city Citizen Participation Plan and Participatory Budget.  Timolynn fundamentally believes, in times of crisis and rebuilding, the surest investment for resiliency is in people.

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   Because of her demonstration of the power of a civically engaged community, Timolynn has been called on to serve as an ambassador to the city of Kobe Japan since 2009 and was recognized as Utne Reader’s “50 People Changing the World”; a Young Leadership Council Role Model recipient; and, a Neighborhood Development Foundation leadership recipient. Earning these community distinctions and recognition from three former Mayors serves as evidence of her years of devotion and service ‘on the grind.’


     Timolynn is a proud member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., board member of Brother’s Empowered to Teach and Citizen She; member of the City of New Orleans' Quality Assurance Review Board; and board member of her alma mater, Warren Easton Charter High School.

  Timolynn's unwavering commitment to uplift community wherever she serves, combined with her life experiences as a community organizer, educator and social innovator, have prepared her to lead and, now, she is ready to serve the great neighborhood residents of District D as your next City Councilwoman.

Together We Will Build a Better Future